Bed Bug Removal Preparation & Information

Top Quality Exterminating offers a check list to prepare for bed bug treatment and removal:


  • Empty all furniture and closets in any room where bed bugs are suspected of infesting
  • Strip all bed linens/wash & dry in hot water (140 Degrees)
  • Stand up mattresses and box springs.
  • All clothes in furniture where bed bugs are seen or suspected will need to be bagged and washed in hot water or dried in a dryer (at least 30 min w/temp over 140 degrees.) Bagging clothing will prevent any bed bugs in the clothes from falling out into another room while the clothes are being moved
  • All walls must be cleared and edges of carpets must be lifted
  • All clutter must be removed and anything that is garbage must be discarded. (Piles of papers on dressers, knick knacks, etc)
  • Homeowners/Tenants may or may not need to leave the premises. Top Quality Pest Control Technicians will notify them prior to treatment


Please Note:


Items which cannot be put in a washer or dryer can sometimes be de-infested by wrapping in plastic and placing them outdoors in a hot, sunny location, closed vehicle, etc. for at least a day. If this method is attempted, packing fewer items per bag makes it harder for the bugs to find cooler places to hide. Monitoring with a thermometer is prudent, with a target internal temperature of at least 120°F

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