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Beetles make up the largest category of insects in the world and are among the most diverse insects known to man, accounting for approximately 25% of all life forms on earth, with more than 5 million different species of beetles. They are easily identified by their hard outer shell, which covers their wings which are exposed only during flight. The variance in a beetle's size, shape, color and more is greater than any group of insects. Beetles are a natural form of pest control, feeding on harmful crop-damaging insects such as aphids, thrips and scale insects.

Beetles can be found almost anywhere in the world, preferring warmer climates but able to exist in cooler temperatures. Some species will eat other insects while other species will feed on flowers and foliage. These insects can survive both above and below ground, in water and in nests. They are sometimes found in homes and gardens. A majority of beetles live in or on plants, wood and many types of stored products such as dried nuts and cereal. They can live with humans, but prefer the outdoors and can cause extensive damage to food crops if they are not controlled.

The pest control technicians at Top Quality Exterminating are skilled at controlling a beetle infestation around your home and commpercial property in Long Island and Queens, New York. Top Quality Exterminating is a family owned busine with over 24 years experience in pest control on Long Island. For a FREE no-obligation inspection and quote, please contact Top Quality Exterminating by completing this online form or call us for even faster service.

Types of Beetles found on Long Island and Queens

Several types of beetles feed on wood, which can cause a lot of damage to wood structures since the beetles remain unseen while they eat the wood. This is true of Powder Post Beetles, Old House Borer Beetles, Bark Beetles, Citrus Long-Horned Beetles, Asian beetles, and other beetle species. Powder Post Beetles, amongst others, grow from eggs that are laid in the wood, the larvae eat the wood, while the adult beetles do not. The Citrus Long-Horned Beetle is another species of beetle that was introduced into the United States as recently as 1999, and is currently without any natural enemies. Although not known as yet, the damage they will create is expected to be extensive.

The Colorado Potato Beetle, the Boll Weevil, the Rose Chafer, the Western Corn Rootworm, and many other beetle species feed on garden plants. Each of these beetles can cause millions of dollars in damage to crops of many different kinds. The presence of just a few beetles usually indicates that more exist, so it is best to contact a qualified Pest Control agency, such as Top Quality Exterminating. The Ladybug is a species of beetle that is actually advantageous to have around since they are known to keep the population of other insects in check.

Top Quality Exterminating can help you control your beetle infestation around your home or business in Long Island and Queens, NY. Our experience and knowledge in identifying different beetle infestations allows our technicians to create an effective pest control strategy. While you can sometimes control an infestation using over-the-counter products, treatment for a beetle infestation problem requires proper knowledge of the type of beetle species you are trying to eliminate. Top Quality Exterminatingpest control technicians have the experience to control and eliminate your infestation. For a Free no-obligation quote, contact Top Quality Exterminating today!

Ensuring your family's health and safety, all Top Quality Exterminating technicians follow a strict set of pest control guidelines, using products that are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our pest control technicians are registered and licensed with New York State and participate in a continuing education program in order to deliver the latest pest control techniques across Long Island and Queens, NY.

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