Colder Temperatures Force Rodents and Wildlife Inside Homes and Businesses.

The Long Island pest control experts at Top Quality Exterminating want to make home and business owners aware to check that their buildings and residences are sealed properly to ensure that rodents and other wildlife on Long Island do not enter their homes and office buildings, since temperature drops lead many rodents and other forms of wildlife to seek shelter inside.

As the season turns from fall to winter and temperatures steadily drop, it will not be long before reports concerning wildlife encounters begin to rise. The natural instinct of any animal to seek shelter indoors.


Wildlife Encounters in your Residence or Business

Wildlife will do whatever they can to to survive when faced with exposure and will attempt whatever they can to find a means into your attic, basement or into your front door. Some animals are able to adapt to the colder weather by growing thick coats of fur to help minimize the effects of the cold, however, a warm dry space that also provides an abundance of food is extremely inviting to rodents and other wildlife.

Should you suspect or encounter an animal in your home or place of business on Long Island, it is advisable to contact a wildlife removal professional for assistance in removing the animal. While it is not always the case, more often than not, any animals that wander into human territory are sick. In order to avoid getting bitten by a rabies infected rodent, for example, Top Quality Exterminating recommends that the animal be quarantined or blocked from other areas of your home or business until our wildlife removal experts arrive to remove the animal. Close doors, seal off potential pathways and do whatever you can to maintain as much distance as possible.

According to Peggy Allar, owner of the Long Island wildlife removal company, "Top Quality Exterminating pest control technicians are trained for wildlife encounters and have the equipment and experience needed to facilitate the removal process." "Unfortunately, some animals are injured or killed when an individual that is inexperienced in wildlife removal attempts to remove the animal themselves. This is foolhardy and dangerous."

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