Top Quality Exterminating's Residential Flea Treatment Preparation Instructions

Fleas are very difficult to exterminate without the help of the consumer. Top Quality Exterminating has developed a special checklist for our Long Island and Queens, NY customers to complete during and after our flea treatment process. With over 24 years of pest control experience this checklist, when followed, has the capability of not only making our treatments faster and more effective, but also reduces the overall cost to our customers.

Please review this checklist and complete the tasks in the order indicated for your flea treatment to take full effect. Please keep in mind that succeeding in the elimination of he fleas in and around your home will be a team effort and completing this checklist will go a long way towards accomplishing that task.

Flea Preparation Tasks To Complete Prior To Top Quality Exterminating's Arrival:

  • Clear all carpeted floors – including closets – of boxes, clothing and any other items that will prevent treatment.
  • Wash (in hot water) or destroy all pet bedding. Bedding that is put in the trash should be put in a sealable plastic bag and disposed in an exterior trash can.
  • Mop all wood, tile and vinyl floors.
  • Vacuum all carpeting and rugs thoroughly.
  • Pet sleeping and resting areas should be vacuumed. This includes under furniture, cracks and crevices in floors and draperies. Vacuum window sills and any appliance tops should be cleaned if you have cats that rest on them.
  • Vacuum all furniture - especially between and under cushions.
  • Vacuum cleaner contents should be emptied into a plastic bag and should be disposed of immediately in an outside container.
  • Prior to the flea application, please remove all pets from the home. Pet food containers and bowls should be covered or stored away. Fish bowls and tanks chouls also be covered.
  • Any flea-infested pets (dogs, cats, etc) should be professionally treated by your local veterinarian or veterinary clinic as your home is treated by Top Quality Exterminating.
  • Please secure all of your valuable and important items.
  • Please be prepared to vacate your residence during our flea treatment service and for approximately 3-4 hours following our pest control service to allow time for the chemicals to dry.

After Top Quality Exterminating has completed a Residential Flea Treatment:

  • Carpeting and floors should not be cleaned with detergents or cleaners for a minimum of two weeks after our treatment.(Any cleaning will void any warranty provided by Top Quality Exterminating).
  • Please vacuum daily for two weeks and dispose of the vacuum bag after each vacuuming in an exterior trash can.
  • Bag, Launder and dry your garments in the hot cycle as directed by your Top Quality Pest Control Service technician.
  • In most cases, Top Quality Exterminating will be able to eliminate the flea infestation from your home in one visit, but in the most severe infestations our pest control technicians may return for a follow-up visit. Our service technician will evaluate the property and will advise you prior to any additional treatments that may be required.


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