Long Island Termite Inspection and Treatment Options

Long Island Termite Inspection Services

On Long Island, a home and business termite infestation treatment method will vary depending upon the severity of the infestation. A homeowner may choose to enlist a professional pest control company, such as Top Quality Exterminating or they may attempt to take care of the problem themselves. Whichever treatment method you choose, the termites must be completely eliminated to ensure that any damage to the structural integrity of your home or business is minimized.

Detecting the Problem

Top Quality Exterminating provides you some help in detecting a termite problem in your home or business. A few termite infestation warning signs include sawdust, a mud like substance on wooden surfaces around your home or business. An alert homeowner should be able to detect any termite activity. If you suspect that your home is infested, a professional termite inspection by a reputable pest control service is the best way to effectively determine if you have a termite infestation and the severity.

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Termite Infestation Treatment Options

Borate Treated Wood

If you are building a new home of office the best way to eliminate any future termite problems would be to treat the wooden structure of your home with borate. This will help prevent the termites because the borate will block the termite’s digestive tract enabling the termites to turn the wood into food.

Ground Stakes 

After Top Quality Exterminating has performed a termite inspection and has discovered a termite infestation, we recommend the insertion of ground stakes and baits. This method may be costlier than liquid treatment and can take a number of months to complete treatment, this method does not release deadly poisons in your soil and around your home or business.

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Liquid Treatments/Chemical Barriers for a Moderate Invasion

Should a moderate termite infestation be found, the quickest treatment method is a liquid treatment. This method is the treatment of choice for the do-it-yourself exterminator and can be a treatment designed to kill termites or choose a treatment that will provide a barrier around your home or office.

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