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Moths are insects commonly associated with butterflies and are usually white or gray in color. During the summer, moths are a common sight and are known for their attraction to artificial light. While these nocturnal creatures are not harmful to humans, they can cause a great deal of pest-related problems when found in the home. By the time you notice moths in your home, they have already found something they like to eat. Moths found in the home are generally one of two basic types. They are either a food-eating or fabric eating moths.

Food Eating Moths on Long Island and Queens

The most common food-eating moth is the Indian Meal Moth, also referred as the North American High-Flyer. The Indian Meal Moth is a small gray-brown moth and is the most common household moth that can reproduce in the home or commercial properties. The larvae of the Indianmeal Moth infest a wide range of dry foods such as: cereal, bread, pasta, rice and more. The food they infest will seem to be webbed together. Once the larvae or any adult moths have been found it is important to throw out all food sources that are not in tightly sealed containers.

Indian Meal Moth Pest Control

If an infestation of Indian Meal Moths is discovered, then removal of all infested food products will be key to managing the pest. Once the infected food or foods has been identified and removed, it is important to vacuum the corners of all the cabinets, shelves, and any areas that are next to the food storage area to remove any larvae or moths in those areas and throw out the vacuum bag. Once all of the infested food sources have been removed, an application of insecticide by a licensed pest control technician such as the technicians at Top Quality Exterminating will help prevent and eliminate any additional moths and their larvae.

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Clothes Eating Moths on Long Island and Queens

Clothes Eating Moths are making a reappearance. This was due to discontinued use of long lasting residual insecticides used during the 1950s through the 1970s. Organic fabrics such as wool, fur and cotton are susceptible to clothes eating moths. These organic materials contain keratin, a protein the clothes moths and carpet beetles, which is another fabric pest, can digest.

The larvae of a clothes moth is cream colored and can grow to 1/2" in length. While they can be confused with beetle larvae, the major difference is that clothes moth larvae have short, stubby feet called "prolegs". The adult moth is approximately 3/8" long and has copper to tan colored wings, which can be confused with the Indian Meal Moth. The Indianmeal moth is active at night and flies towards light sources, which is the easiest way to identify the moths

Clothes Eating Moth Pest Control

Sanitation is important when dealing with a clothes moth infestation. This refers to vacuuming food sources such as pet fur or hair which may keep the clothes eating moth larvae well fed. Additionally, removing affected garments and having them dry cleaned may be required. After cleaning store the garments in airtight containers to ensure that they do not become re-infested. Moth flakes, balls or cakes may be effective as repellents. Garments may be packed with these products into tightly sealed, heavy duty plastic bags. However, with the newer plastic totes available that offer tight fitting lids, it is possible to shield garments from a moth infestation without any chemical repellents.

Top Quality Exterminating on Long Island offers insecticide sprays designed to treat the cracks and crevices for clothes eating moth larvae, where the eggs are most often laid. Our licensed pest control technicians will carefully apply the insecticides in clothes closets and shelves to ensure complete coverage.

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